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Pip Squeak's Weed Wheels - Classic Clear Bowls

Pip Squeak's Weed Wheels - Classic Clear Bowls

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Weed. Wheels. Are. Back. This time with an improved durometer and a more precise shape

Weed Wheels are a Zeg Heads shop exclusive made in collaboration with pipsqueek_fb_wheels.

This new bowl shape (8mmx5mm) wheel provides a wider surface area while still utilizing 65D urethane infused with real hemp flower. The flower doesn’t impact the feel of the wheels or smoothness of your ride, but it definitely adds a GASSY style.

Pipsqueak wheels also come in sets of six wheels, so you’ll have plenty of backups — or an extra set of wheels if you buy two sets!!!

Color: Clear / Translucent 

Shape: Bowls

Durometer: 65D

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