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Zeg Heads

Pandy Ledges

Pandy Ledges

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Get ready to shred with "Pandy's Graffiti Ledges" - handcrafted by @fb.pandy, tagged with authentic graffiti by Zeg himself. These ledges bring street flair to your fingerboarding setup, featuring a granite top, wooden etched base, moss, and stickers. Choose between the classic Standard Level or the thrilling Up Ledge. Ride the streets, ride in style! 

Key Features:

Made Locally: Each ledge is proudly made by @fb.pandy, supporting local craftsmanship.

Graffiti Tags: Infused with the unique graffiti style of the Zeg man for an urban edge.

Diverse Materials: Granite top, wooden etched base, and detailed with moss and stickers for a dynamic aesthetic.

Variant Specs:

Standard Level Ledge:


 L: 7.25"

W: 2"

H: 1.75"

Up Ledge:


 L: 6.75"

W: 2"

H: 2"


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